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The SharWill Company, LLC

The SharWill Company is a business advisory services company and I, Bill Turnbull, is its president. We are committed to providing expert business advice that is practical and that works. Our ability to provide expert advice for any business-related concern, question or problem is based on my 33+ years of business and financial management experience and the skills, knowledge and experience of over 4,000 other senior business executives around the world. All of these senior business executives have been accredited by the Institute for Independent Business (IIB) which is an international accreditation body dedicated to providing, through its accredited executives or Associates, the expert advice needed by small to medium sized businesses in order to achieve their visions. Via the internet and mass mailing capability we are able to find out workable solutions and answers to any question or concern or problem that a business owner may have. Each of the Associates is dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experiences with other Associates.

8860 Oldham Way, West Palm Beach, FL 33412

Attn: William (Bill) C. Turnbull, Jr.

ph: 561-252-3559
cell: 561-252-3559

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